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Enema – Internal Cleansing of Intestine!

Since birth, we have been eating lots of wrong food of which whole food has not been digested fully. Every time we eat, a part of food keeps on sticking on walls of intestine which later converts into various types of disease.

To get rid of this waste, ENEMA is the solution!

As soon as intestines are cleared, all kind of diseases are automatically cured.

Click here! To know detailed explanation of enema.

Enema Instructions

  • Catheter and hands should be washed properly with soap before and after doing enema.
  • Do not add any kind of supplements in water such as chemicals, lemon, coffee, soap, etc. Use plain tap water.

How to Do Enema?

  • Choose a comfortable place with space to lie down, ideally a private bathroom.
  • Hang enema pot at a height of about 3-4 feet so water automatically starts filling in intestines by force of gravitation.
  • At the end of pipe connected at pot, a catheter is attached having valve.
  • Fill 1.5 liters or full pot with water.
  • Let air come out of hole in the catheter. When entire air is escaped, water will come out.
  • Then, insert a part end of catheter tube having hole into rectum (through anus) about 2-3 inches (7 cm). Open valve of pipe.
  • Lay down on the floor facing stomach downwards until entire water enters intestine.
  • Once water in pot is empty, remove catheter from rectum (through anus) and lay as it is. Try to hold water for few minutes. As this creates pressure, go to the toilet as usual to empty the bowels.
  • Similarly fill pot again and lie on the left side of the body once and on the right side of the body once.

Along with water, stool accumulated there will also come out. Have patience if this does not occurs, continue enema daily for a week, gradually you will see results.

P.S. (If unable to lay down then you may try sitting or touching toe or dog position or simply bending down.)

Who Can Do ENEMA?

Any living being on this planet can do enema. There is no age limitations. This includes new born, teenagers, adults, elders, diseased, healthy, etc.

Person having any kind of disease must do enema.

When to do ENEMA?

To get best results, do enema as descried below continuously for 4 months.

For a diseased person, do enema thrice a day (morning, evening, night). Whenever you go for performing enema, do enema 3 times at a time i.e.

1. Laying on stomach

2. Laying on right side

3. Laying on left side.

For regular cleansing of healthy person (having no disease) do enema twice a day.

If you get detox symptoms like cold, fever, diarrhea, headache, etc. take more often enema thrice a day with lukewarm water.

What should be the timing for ENEMA?

Any time of the day you can take enema (whenever you are free)

Ideally preferable 1st enema in morning after regular bowel. Then 2nd enema in afternoon or evening. And lastly for 3rd enema at night or before going to bed.

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